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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a GOOD day. Seriously.  It has taken me a month and 15 days before I really started feeling that rejuvenation of a new year and getting through the winter and feeling spring coming....but I feel it coming.  Because of my 30 day self love/yoga challenge in my previous post, I woke up this morning with the goal today of focusing on positive things.  Something about the phrase "self love" really stuck in my head.  It was pretty evident how hard I am on myself as each time I had a negative thought I consciously kicked it right out with the excuse that today I don't have to worry about that. Only good things. And I must say, it was very freeing.  I believe we do need some of those negative thoughts as they can be a reminder to always be improving and striving to become better than we were.  That being said, I know I don't allow enough self love to balance out the knowledge that I have so far to go.  

Some awesome things today:

---Leftover chocolate from Valentine's Day :)  Yes I'll probably be shaking from a sugar coma tonight but I feel like this still belongs in the awesome category.
---The Valentine that I got pictured above.  Pretty great eh?  My creative and awesome sister found the idea on Pinterest.   It makes me laugh.
---I finally found enough reasons to get an iphone. Awesome!  So that means that the first thing I did was signed up for Instagram.  I'm signed up as jenniferann1 if you like to follow.  Naturally I'm going to be instagraming fool so be prepared for plenty of pictures.  
---My goal of taking more pictures this year is going to be fulfilled.  Here's to crossing those resolutions off my list.  
----Did I mention I had a lot of chocolate today? And that there's still more for tomorrow?
---2nd day of yoga completed.  Check!
---Discovering the band Imagine Dragons and the following song, America, which will most definitely be added to my running/motivation playlist.

One of the girls from our great little yoga support group mentioned how self love ultimately results in being able to outwardly love. So true.  Negative thoughts consume your spirit and there's really no energy left to give to anyone else.  I love that those two go hand in hand, that as you spend energy on your own well-being, you'll have added energy to loves others.

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