Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Knocked another National Park off the list! There's a gorgeous one near where we live in Thailand so we got to explore a little bit one Saturday. When we got there we had to pay the entrance fee right. So if you're Thai you only have to pay 100 baht but if you're a foreigner you have to pay 500 baht. That sounds reasonable.

There was actually cool history in the area where you can hike. There was military training there previously so there was little wood buildings for the school and places to take cover in the rocks. Pretty interesting. I thought Grandpa B would have wanted to see it! 

It started raining while we were hiking around but that made it even better. The foggy mist up that high in the mountains was gorgeous. 


We spent a weekend in Bangkok since it's just a quick 50 minute flight away from where we live. We basically just wandered around the city and explored so here's snapshots from that.  It was just so nice to get a big city feel after being in islands and jungles and things like that so far in Thailand. We went to the King's Palace (where the King used to live and that's what all the fancy buildings are - only the best for the King), saw the biggest Buddha laying down kicking it (called Reclining Buddha), went to a flower market, took rides down river as our metro type transportation and ate yummy food. 


Sukhothai is a World Heritage Site with ancient ruins and buddhas for days. It's really close to the city I live in so we got to go spend a Saturday there. I can't really tell you a ton of the history about it because I started reading into it and then immediately fell asleep...but it used to be Thailand's capital in the 1200s-1300s and then some fighting happened and now it's a tourist site. Also it's called "The Dawn of Happiness". The buddhas were pretty amazing though. I was impressed. 

You can rent bikes for the day for like 50 cents so we got to ride around to different parts of the park. It was a great day. I also accidentally bought a huge bamboo wind chime thing because it was only $3 and I don't know what came over me. Oh well....we all have regrets in our life right?

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