Green Smoothies

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm pretty in love with fuit or veggie drinks right now.  I have them as my actual meal or as a snack.  Just fill a water bottle up with juice and I'm set.  I love them at work to keep myself from snacking on other things. I love them in my car.  I love them everywhere.   Snacking on vegetables has never been my thing. I try sometimes because I feel like I have to.  But something magical happens when you blend your food up into a liquid mess.  Then I WANT  to have it.  

I made myself a green smoothie this morning.  Anything that I could find in my fridge that was green passed the test.    

 red kale
ice cubes

Warning: It took me a long time to acquire a taste for a drink like that.

I started making smoothies originally with yogurt and fruit only, then slowly started adding vegetables that weren't strong tasting. I started figuring out which combinations I could stomach (bananas go a long way in covering up other tastes).

Now I'm at a point where I actually crave those healthy shots to my body.  Especially if I didn't eat so good the day before.  It's like my body is screaming for some veggies again.  Kale! Spinach!  It's a good place to be at.

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