saturday breakfast

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I take my Saturday morning breakfasts pretty seriously.  I love em!  Since I'm not a morning person, during the week my breakfast is always making a smoothie and drinking it on the drive to work.  But Saturday morning I feast on good things.  

I noticed that when I think I'm going to take a picture of my food, I add even better things in there. So that means you'll probably being seeing more pics of my food.  Just a heads up. I hope it gives you ideas too.  

If you're not familar - millet is an amazing for you grain loaded with nutrition.  There's lots of ways to have it but, it doesn't have a strong taste so its great for adding to other foods.  I cooked a cup earlier this week and put it in a tupperware.  I've been adding it by the spoonful to my soup, salads, and obviously saturday morning breakfast tortilla.  It's good stuff. 

P.S. that recipe for a smoothie is probably my favorite drink on the planet.  It takes just like Orange Julius but not so sugary.  So its yummier. And better.  Sorry Orange Julius.  

Happy Saturday!  


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