Friday, February 17, 2012

Part of my new sewing station - I put my thread on push pins into a cork board. Works great and looks pretty cool too.

My new bag, also available in my shop

I purchased Washi tape from here and I'm having so much fun with it! It works just like tape and whatever you put it on looks freakin cute people.

Revlon anticipated my new color obsession with their new color "Minted".  I then proceeded to dump the whole bottle all over my phone.  Don't try to clean up your phone with nail polish remover - it just doesn't work okay?  But I love it enough to go buy another bottle. 

There is a definite trend with my favorite color of the season. Minty.  I. Can't. Get. Enough.  Pastels and little bits of neon in general are in my current love list but minty green beats them all.  You'll be seeing more of it from me.  That's a promise I intend to keep.    

I've got a four day weekend ahead of me thank you Mr. Presidents.  I've been working hard on a makeover with my Etsy shop, not only photos but coming out with a new product line. And I gotta say I'm kinda crazy about it. So my goal is to get a big chunk of the items on my to do list for that done by Tuesday.  The makeup bag seen above is one of the products I've been working on.  And I've decided that I need to make that one mine.  

I'm going to see The Vow tonight and I can't wait!  I think I should sneak in a hike this weekend too.  And of course yoga is on my daily agenda.  I hope you doing something wonderful for yourself :)

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