Life Lately

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At the park.

Doughnuts.  Enough said.

Watching Evan's lacrosse practice.

Ryan and Danielle's beautiful reception.

Took myself on a little hike.  

My running trail.

While I was running there was a couple coming at me sporting their rollerblades and knee pads.  What decade is this?  Do people still rollerblade?  I was so jealous!  I wish I had mine from 6th grade hiding somewhere in my closet.  I thought was pretty rad though.  Hey if people are rollerblading I think its fine for me to use "rad" and wear neon and listen to Michael Jackson.  I can't fight it.  

Tip # 2 from The Lean

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Second tip from the book I'm reading for getting healthy is.....Eat Breakfast! You're shocked right? You've never heard that before huh?

I think that's the first rule that every diet book tells you but I still skip it from time to time (or I grab anything I can find while I'm running out the door thinking I can finish my make up and my hair and my breakfast in the car on the way to work - good plan).

You know that by not eating for long periods of time you go into "starvation mode" and your metabolism slows down.  Also, your blood sugar drops and you get cranky and can't think straight (um hello, I know that feeling!).  Seeing as you haven't eaten for 10ish hours, breakfast is a really big must.  

The author of this book recommends whole grains and protein for breakfast and her suggestions that I'm loving lately are:

1. Bowl of brown rice, veggie sausage, black beans and avocado (I know it sounds like lunch but I also eat pizza for breakfast so who am I to discriminate?)

2. Toast and peanut or almond butter

3. Oatmeal (I've been adding blueberries and cranberries - heaven!)

bonus: have a scoop of protein powder in water - not so yummy but just drink it quick

P.S. The author promotes vegan eating so......I'm not gonna argue that either way but I still like "leaning" towards it and I like her food suggestions. 

Life lately

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring is here!

I've been trying this new thing of working out in the morning. Good thing I took a picture cause it only happened once.

An ad I'm creating at work for International Language Programs.

Etsy orders.  It's so fun to ship all over the world! 

This is what happens when Christmas spills over into Easter.

Happy Birthday to me! 

I have the best friends at work. They decorated my desk for my birthday like crazy as you can see.  Part of it was a Twilight banner that says "One Eternal Party" (that is definitely staying up).  I also got a pin that says Dream Girl which I wore proudly....for awhile. I normally don't see outside people that come into the office but no one was out front when one girl came in so I went out to help her. While we were talking she awkwardly glanced down at my Dream Girl pin (oh yeah I forgot I was wearing it!) and I awkwardly flung my hair to try to cover it.  I'm sure she just thought "wow, where can I get a cool pin like that?"  Right?

Happy Easter,

drink some water. lots of it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I might have an addiction to health/diet books.  I admit it. I started reading The Lean by Kathy Freston and I'm loving this one.  It's all little tips to ease your way into better habits.  Most of the things she talks about I already know, but its a good, daily reminder.  I'll share some of the good stuff I'm learning with you guys if you're interested.  I'm just gonna assume you're already interested since you started reading an article about water - not the most interesting thing in the world. But get excited about it :) 

I'm a water lover already and her first tip was drink water. So I'm thinking sweet - I'm golden on this one. One of her tips is to schedule out your 8- 8oz recommended glasses so that you get those for sure and then of course drink more if you're wanting it.  I put reminders in my phone so I'm alerted every time that I need to drink.  That's making it pretty easy to get in the habit!

1- 6:30 am - drink when you wake up
2- 8:30 - drink 10 minutes before breakfast
3- 10 am - drink between breakfast and lunch
4 - 12 pm - drink 10 minutes before lunch
5- 2:30 - drink between lunch and dinner
6- 6:30 - drink 10 minutes before dinner
7- 8:30
8- 10:30 - drink right before bed

Bonus: Drink a glass of water before a meal and you'll feel fuller faster. Water keeps all of your body processes at optimum level, including metabolism so it'll help keep those lbs off.  Drink lots of water ladies! 

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