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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Loving Black Bean Burgers lately.

Second time seeing Imagine Dragons in a couple months. Obsessed much? I don't care, they're awesome. 
First time seeing a soccer game.  Turns out they're a lot more fun than I thought!  P.S...We beat Toronto :) 

Lay in the grass and look up.  Its good for the soul. 

Yes, I took one of those in the mirror photos of myself.  Stop judging and just look at my cool fishtail braid.  

Its my favorite season here in Utah! 

Going to swim lessons!  Prior to this picture he put on his speedo and goggles and serenaded me with "I'm sexy and I know it". 
Hiking with Dad. The hike was awesome, the tour at the top was not. 

Happy Memorial Day! 

Tip #3 from The Lean

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eat an apple every day! Not new advice but it's a good reminder.  An apple can be 1/4 of the fiber that you need for the day so it helps keep you full.  And you hafta eat the peel.....the most important part.  I've been loving Pink Lady apples lately, they're like juicy candy!  

Just a small habit to be a healthier you every day.  Enjoy :)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Source: mereleemade

Hello Friday!  Its a good day - the sun's out, no work and I'm feeling good.  Its one of those days when I actually have motivation to get something done so I better capitalize on that.  I gotta have music up and Tokyo by Imagine Dragons makes me want to dance every time. Its one of those songs where I can't hold back from singing it out (sorry neighbors).  I was loving this video because apparently I'm not the only one that can't fight feeling this song...

Have a good weekend!

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