Oh January

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Its that time of year, resolution time.  Have you made yours?  This is the month where the gym is crowded to the max, but just this month. Because next month most of the resolutions start to fizzle away.  In past years I've been a New Years grinch thinking that I would be better off to not set myself up for failure knowing that my goals would be given up by February.....or if I'm really enthusiastic about it until March.  Sad huh? Dumb huh? Yeah it is.  

So before I even think about my hopes for the year I'm gonna do a little 2011 celebration.  I was did some pretty awesome things.  Since last December I acquired this little thing known as a Bachelor's degree, visited a couple new countries, walked on the Great Wall of China, climbed the same steps as the monks to the top of the highest mountain I've ever dreamed to be on, improved the sales in my Etsy shop, ran 5 miles in an hour (that's FAST for me people), tried ice skating and didn't fall once (and loved it...who knew I love ice skating?), and I'm 20 lbs less than I was a year ago.  Success. Atta girl. 

So to sum up, I've kicked out the negative goal thoughts and moved on to better, more inspiring things. Even if a goal only lasts a month, I'll still be a step closer to where I wanna be.  Hopefully next time I wanna rekindle that goal I'll make it 2 months. Then 3.  Gotta keep trucking if you wanna be awesome and do awesome things.  

P.S.....I hate to say it, but I found that quote pictured above on Pinterest - I think - but I just don't remember where so I can't give credit where credit is due. If you know where it's from lemme know asap! 

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  1. I agree Jen! You are awesome and it's been an amazing year for you for sure. Here's to another fantastic year full of wonderful things in your life. I love you! Mom


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