Slow Cooker Homemade Chili

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've been on the lookout for new healthy recipes (actually coming through on one of my new years resolutions woo!) and I came across this one that sounded super yummy.  I can't remember where I saw it so I recreated it as best as I could remember and depending on what I had in my kitchen.  It came out as yummy as I hoped and I counted 160 calories per 1 cup servings.  And its slow cooker so its cooking all day and ready when you come home.  None of the attempting to make a healthy meal after work while I fill up on chips and salsa because my starving stomach just can't possibly wait any longer.

3 frozen chicken breasts
1 packet taco seasoning
1 can black beans (no salt added)
1 can kidney beans (no salt added)
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 can corn
1 small can green chilies
1 cup mango salsa
chopped onions
chopped red bell pepper
1 cup water

In that order, add all ingredients into a crock pot.  Cook on low for 8 hours.  Mix and shred the chicken before serving.  Mmm mmmm.

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