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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm cozy in bed trying to think up good reasons to not do my work out today....and I was feeling pretty good about skipping out until I saw a photo that I have on my wall for motivation.  A photo of a very chizzled lookin chica.  So that got the guilt going but I still needed more motivation. 

I joined the masses with the addiction to Pinterest but today it wasn't such a time waster.  After a few minutes of scrolling through the endless motivating pictures I was set to go.  Work out done today. Check.  Feeling better. Check.  All those photos I have pinned on my Motivation Board.  My best trick for getting my butt going lately is jumping on Pinterest and scrolling through the Fitness Category.  Something about seeing all the strong women makes me feel a bit stronger too. All in my head? Yeah but that's the point.  

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