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Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring is here!

I've been trying this new thing of working out in the morning. Good thing I took a picture cause it only happened once.

An ad I'm creating at work for International Language Programs.

Etsy orders.  It's so fun to ship all over the world! 

This is what happens when Christmas spills over into Easter.

Happy Birthday to me! 

I have the best friends at work. They decorated my desk for my birthday like crazy as you can see.  Part of it was a Twilight banner that says "One Eternal Party" (that is definitely staying up).  I also got a pin that says Dream Girl which I wore proudly....for awhile. I normally don't see outside people that come into the office but no one was out front when one girl came in so I went out to help her. While we were talking she awkwardly glanced down at my Dream Girl pin (oh yeah I forgot I was wearing it!) and I awkwardly flung my hair to try to cover it.  I'm sure she just thought "wow, where can I get a cool pin like that?"  Right?

Happy Easter,

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