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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I might have an addiction to health/diet books.  I admit it. I started reading The Lean by Kathy Freston and I'm loving this one.  It's all little tips to ease your way into better habits.  Most of the things she talks about I already know, but its a good, daily reminder.  I'll share some of the good stuff I'm learning with you guys if you're interested.  I'm just gonna assume you're already interested since you started reading an article about water - not the most interesting thing in the world. But get excited about it :) 

I'm a water lover already and her first tip was drink water. So I'm thinking sweet - I'm golden on this one. One of her tips is to schedule out your 8- 8oz recommended glasses so that you get those for sure and then of course drink more if you're wanting it.  I put reminders in my phone so I'm alerted every time that I need to drink.  That's making it pretty easy to get in the habit!

1- 6:30 am - drink when you wake up
2- 8:30 - drink 10 minutes before breakfast
3- 10 am - drink between breakfast and lunch
4 - 12 pm - drink 10 minutes before lunch
5- 2:30 - drink between lunch and dinner
6- 6:30 - drink 10 minutes before dinner
7- 8:30
8- 10:30 - drink right before bed

Bonus: Drink a glass of water before a meal and you'll feel fuller faster. Water keeps all of your body processes at optimum level, including metabolism so it'll help keep those lbs off.  Drink lots of water ladies! 

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