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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Last night I was feeling motivated that in the morning I would wake up just a little bit earlier and do a 20 minute workout and be awesome.  I know right.  But I guess I forgot that I actually don't do things like that.  So my alarm went off.  And then 5 minutes later again.  And then again.  So instead I rolled out of bed at the time that I normally am walking out the door for work...oops. Ah well. It was a nice try.

So I figured once I got done with work I would make up for that work out.  Long story short I ended up in bed once again. I liked cozy a little too much. Nice try again. 

But you know those friends you have that you kinda avoid cause they're serious party pooopers. The ones who have a hard day...every day. And they love to tell you about it.  I mean every day their dog died. (How many dogs do they really have?)  I am on a mission to never be one of those friends.  Yes I know I haven't washed my jeans in awhile and they are giving me saggy butt, but its still a good day.

Awesome things today
1. Listening to a voicemail during work of my best sister Jamie serenading me.  My laughter made my friend at work curious enough to listen in and pretty sure it made her day awesome too. 
2. My lunch.  I love food and it was good okay. 
3. Doing something right and productive and my boss acknowledging by saying and I quote, "You are awesome."  Yes, yes I am.  
4. My coworker walking in to work with a box of cookies from the best bakery. And I choose a double fudge one.  I told you, I love food.
5. Some guy was walking around Walmart with pieces of kleenex stuck up his nose.  You know when you have a bloody nose and you're laying in bed with your head propped up nose stuffed with kleenex feeling not so sexy.  Like that. Except he was walking around Walmart. Okay maybe not so awesome but definitely noteworthy.  And courageous.  
6. Another noteworthy couple walking around Walmart sporting their British accents.  I have a definite love affair with the way they talk.  I stalked them for a little while, following just close enough to hear but stealthily enough not to be caught.  Oh how those Brits make me smile.
7. I did a little DIY project at home and it turned out pretty cool if I do say so.  I'd show ya but, I have a feeling this may turn into a Christmas project so we'll keep that under wraps until the 26th.  But lets just say I transfered a photo onto a canvas.  Pretty nifty eh?  
8. Playing soccer with Perry, my little friend that I get paid to be friends with.  He was the goalie and laughed his tiny tushie off every time I kicked it hard and nailed him with the ball. Who knew my athletic abilities against a 5 yr old were so hilarious?  
9. Hot shower before bed. Shaved legs (let's be real. Its winter and this isn't a daily thing.)  Okay confession....I was trying to type occurance on the last sentence but I can't figure out how to spell it right.  So instead I settled for the word thing.  Good replacement word.  

I hope you were awesome today too.

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