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Friday, December 2, 2011

So a success and a failure.  Definitely didn't stick to my meal plan that I created on Sunday. It seemed so fool proof....hmmph.  But still, I followed it mostly....with the exception of a few anxious hunger panic attacks ending up in a macaroni and cheese binge and a couple bowls of ice cream. (ok maybe a few. Or maybe 4)   

Still I'm gonna chalk it up to a good week.  I stuck to good foods for 90% of my day.  And I kept pretty close to eating every 3 hours. And I still have the motivation to keep it up.  So pat on my back for a good week.  Goals: Eat more of the good stuff instead of focusing on calories right now.  No more hunger panic attacks for me.  

I spotted Cuties at the grocery store and I woud have done a cartwheel right there in the aisle, but one of my serious secrets is that I have never been able to do a cartwheel so shhh. We'll keep that between us.  Cuties are seriously good stuff.  They are snackable and yummy and healthy.  I love them in salads.  And I eat em like candy.  You should too.

The dirt on Cuties:  

Mentally - they smell citrusy and good and it makes me happy. Actually, citrusy is known to lower stress levels.  So sniff em before you chow down.  

For your heart - fat free, cholesterol free, and sodium free. Also has folate, which fights heart disease.  

Satisfying - loaded with fiber, keeping you full for longer.  Always a good thing when you're cutting back. 

Healing powers - yes, actual powers to heal your wounds and keep gums and teeth healthy.   Loaded with vitamin C.  

Snackable - only about 40 calories per Cutie so snack away.  Have a handful. Eat em like candy. They're super easy to peel and seedless.  

Tis the season for Cuties - they'll be around til May. 

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  1. Jen, love you and your blog!! Way to go on your healthy love love cuties!! : )


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