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Monday, November 14, 2011

I need extra rad music on Monday to get the motivation to roll myself off the side of the bed (cause then there's no real choice other than getting up).  This beautiful song by Carla Bruni is doing the trick for me today.  Yes it's in a different language. No I dont have a clue what she's saying.  Yes it's still awesome.  If you don't speak French then you can make up the meaning for whatever you'd like.  You know how you love songs even more when it seems like the lyrics were written solely just for you and saying exactly what you're feeling.  Perhaps she's singing about love or sadness or....whatever you want to make it yours.  For me I think she's singing I'm beautiful and awesome and I'm not wearing pants. 

And if you do know French.....please! Tell me what she's saying!  

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