Giving Thanks

Friday, November 25, 2011

Yesterday was  Thanksgiving, but can I give thanks a day late?  I wasn't feeling so thanksgiving-y before. I wasn't with my family. I have a list of things to do that I have procrastinated.  Long week. Unsuccessful in the diet department (most likely the guilty cause for my bad attitude ya think?).  And I spilled ice cream down the front of my favorite Gap on sale sweater. Rrrrr.....

Today I woke up and it was beautiful outside and I felt like dusting off my bad case of the bah hum bugs.  Thank goodness for brand new days of second chances. Hallelujah for the body's natural ability to cheer up after a good nights sleep.  I explored this amazingly gorgeous place that I'm calling home right now, Utah.  Note to self: add more exploring to my to do list.   Also, add purchasing winter boots to the list cause....yeah I don't think those flats will cut it much longer here.  No matter how much they go with every outfit. 

I hope your day was wonderful! And if not, I wish you a wonderful night's sleep and a happy, thankful morning tomorrow :)

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