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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Since I still can't upload any photos, you're getting videos.  Maybe that's a little better anyways?  Here's a little semester in review of a few of my favs.

In this video there was a new student that came to class.  He didn't speak any English because he was new but he was the cutest little boy with a constant smile on his face.  He left early with his mom and the kids were really concerned for him because if you're not speaking English in class, then you're not getting a token when you speak, and then if you don't have tokens to use at "store"...then you're not going to get a prize at the end of class.  If you don't have lots of tokens then you can't save for a big really cool prize.  So the kids didn't know this new boy's name, just that he smiled a lot and had no tokens.  Thus.....concern for happy boy came to be:

If you ever wondered how to play red light green light, well Ignas is here to explain it to you:

Stevie taught the kids about states like Mississippi and Indianapolis......what?

And again....Ignas explaining how to play another game.  Not quite sure which game he's trying to get everyone to play though:

In other news, yesterday my meals prepared for me were noodle soup, fried hash brown potatoes and squishy potatoes for lunch and potato pancakes with pretzle things for dinner.  I'm basically going to binge on vegetables and salads when I get home.

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  1. Hi there! You don't know me but I saw your blog link on the ILP pinterest board and decided I needed to look at it because I'm going to Lithuania this fall :) So thanks for posting all these cute videos!!


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