Back again.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I've been gone SO SO long.  I got frustrated with the blogging thing and lost my creativity.  Its funny how I stopped feeling creative, but never stopped wanting to be creative.  I just feel...stuck.  I haven't been making time to do creative things.  Winter blues I suppose...that happens though right? We lose ourselves.  But here I am, desiring to be better, to do better, to be creative.  I went to the bookstore to splurge and buy the book Creative Block (which I love btw!) and the guy working asked me if I was an artist.  A million thoughts ran through my head like, "Well I want to be an artist" or "I just like artsy things" but instead I replied, "Yes, I am."  Wow! That may seem a little silly but it was so nerve racking to say out loud that I'm an artist. It felt good though.  And no matter how much I have fought against it, I'm just not happy not being an artist.  Its just who I am.

I've gone back and forth a million ways about what to blog about.  That's what I do though...I get these ideas and want to switch completely what I'm doing and start over.  I've been thinking lately about just documenting things that inspire me.  I don't really want to think about how many followers I can get, how to get pinned on Pinterest, or how to create an online presence. All good things, but I need this to be something that I enjoy.  And I need to nurture my small inner artist which I've neglected so much.

First up is music. I've posted videos before and I want to keep this up. Music is forever going to be so inspiring for me.  A good song can turn my mood around 100%. Music is the quickest way to awake my soul when I'd rather be laying in bed watching the Office for the millionth time.  This song by Brooke Waggoner has been on repeat for the last 15 minutes.  Love.

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