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Saturday, August 18, 2012

So, I'm here in Vilnius, Lithuania! Its been so great, I love it already. 

This is our apartment building.  Me and the other 4 teachers are living together. 

My bedroom.  I have zebra sheets and cats on my wallpaper.  Its more ghetto cute that I ever dreamed it would be :)

That's right. You heard me. Cats on my wallpaper.  

One of the teachers, Stevie.  We clean up nice yeah?

Our cute little kitchen.

We have two doors and 3 locks. So take that robbers.  

The advertisement for our school. We're legit.  

This cool guy is Gediminas.  Legend has it that he had this dream about a wolf in armor and then was told he would would build a city strong as a wolf.  That statue symbolizes him showing like here is the place for the city Vilnius and there's a wolf below him.  This tiny, little, independent, baltic country strong as a wolf. Love it. 

You're supposed to stand on that and make a wish.  So I did. I can't wait for it to come true! 

I'm so excited to get to know this awesome country.  When I told people that I was going to Lithuania for four months the first question was always "where is that?  south america?" and the second question was always "why do you want to do that?"  The more places that I see in the world the more I addicted I am to finding out where else I can go.  There's so much to learn and see that has changed me completely as I've traveled and its so worth all of the awkward and uncomfortable moments of traveling, including the insane jet lag that I'm fighting.  As soon as I heard there was a new school in Lithuania opening up, I didn't know a single thing about the tiny country but I just knew I had to get there.  This is where I'm supposed to be and I love every minute of it.  Even my cat wall paper. And especially the amazing food (I definitely won't be anorexic here like I was in China).  Dima is the coordinator here running the school and he has been AMAZING! The best part is that he speaks fluent English.  Phew! He's been helping me with everything.  He taught me a couple Lithuanian words too and my favorite is saying thank you, aciu, because it sounds like a-choo like I'm sneezing.  Pretty easy to remember. Its a little awkward to start speaking a new language anyways and then funny man Dima kept saying "bless you" whenever I said it. Pretty sure I turned red every time. 

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