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Monday, August 20, 2012

at Trakai outside of Vilnius

The teachers from left to right: Holly, Stevie, Megan, Jaclyn

The girls and I went to church on Sunday and were greeted right away at the door. Everyone knew we were coming because we were replacing the past teachers that everyone loved. The people here keep a pretty serious straight face in public.  I keep getting confused looks when I smile at someone as I pass them by on the street. In the grocery store me and an old man had one of those awkward moments where we're trying to pass each other but we both go to the same side and then we both change to the other side and then back again. I started laughing at the awkwardness and of course he just stared me down without even a hint of a grin.  Which made me feel awesome I tell ya.  Anyways, church was completely the opposite and I realized something about the people here. That when they get to know you outside of being strangers, they are immediately so warm and loving without any shyness.  The ward is tiny (like maybe 50 people? and the 5 of us made up 50 percent of the Relief Society class) and at the door they said welcome to our family. Make my heart melt! They had us get up and introduce ourselves in Sacrament meeting and then they translated for us.  Afterwards people just came up and were speaking to me and I realized so many of the people spoke English so that'll come in handy.  In the last class of church they told us all to hold on to our purses and made a big deal about not leaving your bags anywhere.  Then about 15 minutes later a couple of police came into the building and arrested a creeper that had been coming and stealing things for the last month I guess.  He had tried to get one of the missionaries' wallets and then they called the police in.  I was talking to a younger girl at the time and she goes, "Yay! They caught the robber!"  

"My" new ride.  Dima, our coordinator, happened to have an extra car and is letting me drive it while we're here. He gave me a little lesson on the traffic signs and tested my driving a stick skills and I passed so....wish me luck.  Don't worry mom.  I'll be careful. 

Sophia, Dima's daughter. She speaks English so well and is one of those kids that is your BFF at hello.  We love each other. 

We went to Trakai castle with Dima and his family after church on Sunday.  It's just 30 minutes outside of our city.  The cool thing about it is that it was never taken so it's pretty perfectly in tact.  Go ahead and be jealous of me now.

 Oh yeah and we went sailing around the castle.  No big deal right?  Our captain was as captain-y as they come.  The weather was the perfect.  The scenery was heaven.  Pretty much a dream.

Standing in the moat.

I think I'm gonna like it here.

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  1. Have I mentioned you're adorable?? Love you. And that is exactly how people were to us in Russia- hate you in public but love you in private and then once you're in - you're in. I can't believe you get your own car! And you're students are so cute - so stylish.


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