A Day Downtown

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Capitol Building

A yummy place to eat 

Salmon sandwiches and cherries

View from the new outdoors mall

Temple square

Kids running through the fountains at the new mall

the Temple

It was the perfect day to do some downtown exploring in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Joined the asian tourists at the Capitol Building and then went to have some yummy lunch next to the park.  We walked around the farmers market at the park which has become more of an art and crafts festival which brings the hippies out in full force.  Apparently bras are out of style, have you got that memo yet?  Don't shoot the messenger!  That's just how it is downtown.  We also went to the new outdoors mall and caught a little two year old brave his way into the random squirting fountain with the older kids.  He was quite the entertainment when he got squirted up his shorts then turned around to get it right in the face.  Those damn fountains.  Then on to beautiful temple square where there was a constant flow of brides taking their photos with their families.  That was a happy place.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

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