and then we lost control...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Most days at school I wonder why the kids haven't figured out yet how easy it would be to just full out mutiny.  Band together and take us down.  I mean....3 teachers vs almost 16 students.  They could have us. Easy.  They could just storm that prizes box and take what they want.  But somehow, we're still in control.  Except there's this one class of kids.....I think they ALMOST have it figured out that they've got some wiggle room in how much we can take from them.  Some days, we just don't have the power.  That's pretty much how this day went and instead of getting frustrated, me and Stevie just laughed, stood back, let it happen, and took some pics to document the craziness that is this group of kids.  And somehow I still love em.

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