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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beet soup.  Pear juice. Rice something that tastes amazing and makes me really excited that I'm not having potatoes again.  

Yeah we have potatoes a lot.  A lot = daily. 

Fav chocolate that I've found. If anyone wants me to bring them home something yummy you better start bribing me. 

This little one was in the hallway crying for her mother because she didn't wanna go to class.  Without speaking her language, 20 minutes later I got her to this blissful state.  I'm awesome.  And yes she has short bangs in the middle because she cut them.  She's awesome, too.

Attempting to learn Russia while we're here. And Lithuania.  It's a whole big mess.

Pizza night was exciting enough to document with a photo.

They made bubbles in class and used pipe cleaners for the tool.  

People give us boxes of chocolate all the time as gifts.  I kinda like it.

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