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Friday, September 21, 2012

-the hair on those legs.  is it a man? is it a woman? what? at least they're being waxed.  that's the moral of the story Europe.
- walking innocently down the street and suddenly being quacked at by a grown man.  he thought it was hilarious when all three of us ducked for cover.  good one.
-my new found talent is pulling the handle off of every door that i try to open.  i guess we could blame that on the screws to the handle not being quite screwed in always happens to ME so that excuse is questionable.  and going to walk out of my bedroom in the middle of the night to pee and the handle coming off = a bad situation.  and being IN the bathroom (which is the size of a tiny coat closet) and being successful at taking that handle off as well consequently trapping myself.....well that's just an awkward story of its own.
-our shower curtain.  first of all it sticks to your body if you come within 4 inches of it.  my butt has been suction cupped to that thing more times than i'd like to confess to my roommates.  second of all, when water and steam build up in the bathroom (as would naturally happen during a shower) it loses all its strength to stay on the wall.  those showers where i'm standing there and it just drops to the floor, those are my favorite.  and then having to shower hugging the wall so that i don't get water all over the place, that's also my favorite.
-walking into a room and accidentally (but confidently) saying, "thank you!" instead of "hello".
-ignas, one of the students, stripping in class.  he just loves it.  yesterday i told him if he took his shirt off one more time he would get a strike (if they get three strikes during the day they don't get a prize at the end so its a big deal you know?).  well i felt like stripping was a strong enough offense to receive a strike.  so in the next class he's begging......"teacher pleeeeeease, i this? (motioning to take his shirt off), one more time??"
-noodles and carrots and hot dogs for breakfast.   99% of the time we get some kind of porridge or cream of wheat sort of mush for breakfast but on the days when they bring out noodles and cut up carrots and hot dogs i just think....really?


-how nicole's hip do not lie while she's leading the milk song in this video;

-when the students are actually understanding us.  it's hard for the new kids to come into a classroom where the teacher isn't speaking one word in your own language and neither are the other students.  but when they pick up on something, its glorious. armandas, one of the students is new.  he's been in class about a month.
so every day we go through the rules and the students have to repeat them. one day when teacher jaclyn was going through the rules she says "rule number 2, eyes on the teacher". he stops her and says, "what's your name?"  jaclyn responds with her name and then armandas repeats the rule back to her as, "eyes on the jaclyn!"  he gets it!  after one month! love it. 
-getting mail.  feels like christmas.
-i went running the other day, as i've been trying to keep up while i'm here.  it started raining while i was own a side road a little bit outside of the main streets area.  an old woman stopped her car and asked if i needed a ride.  i opted to keep running but she was very concerned. not sure if her concern was that i was running in the rain or just that i was running at all.....either way, she had my back.
-just about everyone that is able to has a garden and a green house.  one of the parents of our students brought us apples picked from his tree.
-figuring out how to watch the office online since netflix doesn't work here. that was a happy day for me. my nonstop office marathons shall continue.
-figuring out imovie. i'm currently working on both a video of my china trip and a video of the lithuania trip.  this is going to be good.
-riding bikes.  i forgot how much i love it.  so current wish list is a hair straightener and a bike please.

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