Happy March!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I can't believe its already March!  I'm feeling pretty good though because I've already completed a lot of goals on my 2012 to do list.  I'm rockin this year.  Are you still working on your resolutions or did you already forget what they were?  Take more pictures....check.  Learn how to work my sewing machine....check.  Explore my new home of Utah.....check.  Run a half marathon.......almost check!  I didn't tell anyone about that goal in case I decided to chicken out.  I don't know what got into me but I looked up races and I'm doing one on June 23rd. For reaaalz.  So this is my public announcement to the world so that I can't chicken out.

It snowed!  That's enough though. I'm ready for Spring.  Perry helped me shovel the driveway by scooping up snow and dropping it back in the same spot.  Oh and he made homes for squirrels in the snow. Don't ask.

Perry took this picture of me and proceeded to have a laughing attack saying that I looked hilarious.  That made me feel awweeessomee.

We had some time to kill while Evan was at soccer practice.  So, I made the game of Perry running by and seeing how blurry he could get in the picture.  He was AMAZED.  So he ran for the whole practice while I sat on a bench.  I'm a genius.

They're having a contest for who's the best DIY blog over at Apartment Therapy.  Tons of cool blogs to discover if you feel like browsing!  

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