Angkor Wat

Friday, August 7, 2015

Knocked another world wonder off the list! We went to Angkor Wat to explore one day and I was blown away.

We heard you have to go watch the sunrise over the famous temple so we hired a tuk tuk drive the day before and he said he'd pick us up at 4:50 am. Ouch...that was a little tough since zero people in my group are morning people but we told ourselves it was worth it.

It was totally overcast so unfortunately no sunrise happened. I did get a bit of time with hardly anyone else around though so that made it all worth it. 

We just spent about 7 hours exploring and hardly touched it at all. They have a 3 day pass because Angkor Wat is so incredibly huge that you need that much time to see most of it. We just a few main places though and called it good. I know none of the history except it is obvious that this was a major and successful empire in its day. 
And also I should probably see Tomb Raider now right?

This was our tuk tuk driver, sleeping in his hammock while waiting for us until we were ready to go home :) $20 for a full day of work. Except I'm sure he probably kept working after we were done because I have a feeling that a full day of work in Cambodia isn't just 8 hours. 

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