Krabi, Thailand

Sunday, May 17, 2015

We flew down to Krabi for the first part of our Thailand islands adventure.  Krabi is insane. You feel like you just stepped into the page for the month of May on one of those cheesy free calendars. Turns out those places really do exist.  First on the to do list after traveling almost 30 hours was mango sticky rice and a thai massage (for a few dollars).  Both were the best choices. 

This cutey below kept us entertained while we waited for our massage. Her mom worked at the store and she just kind of threw her at us when we walked in so......massage in exchange for babysitting? We didn't mind though. When a handful of us walked in I think we were more than they normally get because she immediately made some phone calls and told us to wait. After a bit some girls walked in to give us massages. Maybe she just called some friends to help out? It was good anyways. 

We went to Railay beach which is the place that calendars are made of that I mentioned before. Seriously you can't make these pictures up. Its a really tiny place so we just laid on the beach, swam in the really warm ocean, drank yummy smoothies and then walked around.

So you can't go far without meeting a monkey in Thailand islands. 

The next day we decided to do the Tiger Cave Temple hike which was supposed to have a cool buddha and an incredible view of Krabi. I had researched it and heard it was pretty hot and sweaty but I hike a ton so I kinda figured it would be a breeze...

Yeah so the stairs looked like that. 1260 super steep stairs straight up the mountain!  We were dying. Think about doing the stair stepper in a sauna and that's basically the hike. We were dripping in sweat. It was like okay let's walk 50 stairs and then stop and take another break. And that was pushing it. Leslie even threw up twice when we had about 100 steps to go.  But once we made it to the top...wowza. It was worth it. 

Again monkeys were running the place.

There...proof of the 1260 steps! 

In Krabi we found a restaurant that we fell totally in love with. They had both Thai food and American and were open all day long so of course we ate there every single meal while in Krabi. Don't regret that decision even a bit. 

We went there early for breakfast just after they opened and the cook pretty much rolled out of bed and whipped up our breakfast in her pjs. Cutest.

The owner's name was Kitty and she spoke some English so after we kept showing up meal after meal she started talking to us. She was the best part about going there. The restaurant was just across the street from our hostel so we'd be walking by and if she saw us she'd ask if we were coming in later for food. Of course we were. You know we will Kitty.

On our last meal we told her we were leaving and she came out with a gift for all of us. They were the sweetest little money bags.  The look on her face when she gave them to us was priceless...she was so happy. So glad I snapped this shot because it was the best moment. I think she liked us as much as we liked them.

Krabi you were beautiful....but our next stop Koh Lanta was my favorite. I'll give you photo overload of that island tomorrow!

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