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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've been so on and off with this blog.  Some weeks I think yes....I can be like one of those awesome bloggers that have my attention for hours looking through their awesome photos and creative tutorials.  And some weeks I what blog? oh yeah....that blog I started. Well no one's reading it anyway.

But enough of that guilt.  I'm going to fake it til I make it.  So what if I have 2 views today?  Someday I'll have 3.  Then 10 woohoo.  Photos would probably help that situation. Sorry but no photos today.

However I did find this blog, The Daybook, that I fell in absolute love at first site with.  Partly because her photos are endlessly interesting and inspiring. But mostly because she's hilarious and I can't stop reading her posts. Thank heavens for archived posts.  I've gotten through about 10 pages by hitting the "older posts" button because I just can't get enough. I may be up all night.  But I stopped just long enough to post about her in the spirit of actually being one of those awesome bloggers instead of just wishing I could be one of them.

And I love her clothes.  

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