Book Lover's Day

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is book lover's cool is that!  I love books, though I'll admit that I don't read half as much as I really wish I did.  But, books are good for more than just reading.  I love to write in them. I love their shape. I love a big bookshelf full of interesting books displayed in my living room. I love old books. I love books with amazing pictures.  I love fiction stories. I love when I get so involved in the book that I can't  put it down.  I love ...I love ...I love...

End table made out of books by tytie on Etsy.

Book ring by pennymasquerade on etsy.

Photograph by SarahMoldovan on etsy.

Photography by EyeShutterToThink on etsy.

Wooden sign by WilliamDohman on etsy.

Owl Magnifier by soradesigns on etsy.

Vintage reading glasses from elderobjects on etsy


  1. what a lovely collection. thanks a lot for featuring my necklace.

  2. Very nice! Thanks for including my book print.

  3. What fun! So kind of you to include my library print :)

    I love that owl magnifier.


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