I heart Holga

Friday, October 22, 2010

I love my little holga camera, even though everyone makes fun of me for it. If you haven't seen one, they are little plastic, toy, film cameras that cost about $25.  But they produce really fun and interesting images with light streaks and blurred and dark edges!  Check out my latest results...
All of these images are available in my new shop!

 Northern Utah
Logan Canyon
An old house in Logan
From the airplane - somewhere near Salt Lake City

Rexburg, Idaho

Northern Utah


  1. Sweet pictures Jen! Not bad for little $25 camera!! :)

  2. These turned out gorgeous! I have a Holga... my husband got me one last year for Christmas and I was SO excited to start using it. I shot a roll of film and took it in to get developed. The lab got so confused about the film, what it was, whether or not it was color film, etc and ended up overexposing the whole thing. I moved since then and now can not find a place that will develop 120 size film! I have not seen one photo I've taken with that camera now and that is sad :( what to do?!

  3. p.s. read your interview on MWC and now I'm here!! Nice to "meet" you! :)

  4. Megan I'm so sad for your roll of film!! It's so exciting to get it back because you don't know what you're going to get and then...nothing. I'd sue :) I don't know what city that you're in but there's got to be a professional lab somewhere! Call one up and if they don't...ask if they know someone who does. It's worth doing a little investigating because it's so fun! I've seen labs online that let you mail in your film but I've never done that...who knows.
    Nice to "meet" you back :)


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